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Does your hardwood floor look dull and scratched?

Does it require refinishing to return it to its former gleaming glory?

Do you want your hardwood floor to look shiny again without breaking the bank?

High Quality Flooring is just the company for you. Our highly skilled staff will work fast and effectively to ensure that your refinished floor looks as good as new.

Daily foot traffic can cause damage to your hardwood floor and make it have a dull and worn out appearance. We are experts at getting rid of nicks, scratches, scuffs and everyday wear and tear. We shall make your hardwood floor gleam just like it did when it was first installed.

Your hardwood floor needs to be refinished if:

  • There are dull spots, deep pockmarks and scratches. These blemishes are more likely to be seen in areas with high traffic such as hallways, family rooms and entrances. They may be caused by moving furniture, high heels or just by repeatedly walking over an area. With time, scratches and holes can worsen.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to clean and polish it. Over time, holes and scratches collect dust, grit and dirt. Apart from these particles wearing down your hardwood floor faster, they get caught up on the surface and make it harder to clean. Even trying to polish the floors will not lead to much improvement. When you notice your floor looking dirty and dull even after cleaning, it is time to get your hardwood examined.
  • Your finish fails the water test. A simple method of testing your floor finish is to drop a few droplets of water onto your hardwood floor surface. Give it a few seconds and then look at the water. If you see the water droplets soaking in quickly, then it is time to have the finish replaced. If the water rests on the floor surface, your finish may probably be alright for a little longer. The test can be repeated in different sections of your home.

For the refinishing job, we will start by thoroughly sanding the topmost layer. Next, we will fill any existing gaps and finally we shall refinish the surface. You can choose your preferred finish-maybe you wish to have a different varnish or stain this time round? High Quality Flooring only uses the greenest and most eco-friendly products that can be safely used around your family, pets and business colleagues.

It is much more cost-effective to restore your hardwood floor than to replace it completely. An elegantly refinished hardwood floor is sure to become a highlight of your home or business property

At High Quality Flooring we also provide a light refinishing/sanding process that is less dusty and messy. Using a finely-tuned buffing machine, we gently sand the topmost layer of the varnish and through this process, we are able to revitalize your floors. Even though this process is much faster and cheaper, it will not eliminate deep gashes or poorly stained areas.

Whatever method you select, our skilled and highly competent craftsmen will complete the refinishing of your hardwood floor and leave very little mess . We take great pride in our track record of completing jobs in a timely manner and remaining within budget. We always provide a free estimate for each job, and our customer care personnel will be delighted to answer any queries that you may have. The duration of the refinishing job will be determined by the dimensions of the flooring involved, the ease of movement from room to room and the extent of wear and tear and damage to the floor.

If you are unsure about the finish or stain you want, we can visit your home and show you samples. Our skilled hardwood floor refinishers can provide a small demonstration to show how the floor will look after the refinishing job. Usually darker stains are best suited for dark, quiet rooms such as bedrooms, home theaters or libraries. A lighter stain is great for brightening living rooms and kitchens. You can even opt for a stain that matches your furniture!

High Quality Flooring is fully insured and licensed and we shall be happy to provide certificates of insurance on request. We give a quality guarantee since it is our desire to make you happy and satisfied with our work. We have a lot of long-term customers in New York who remain with us because we deliver on our promises-on time and within budget.

We are totally confident that we can revitalize your hardwood floor using our refinishing techniques. Contact us and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

I hired High Quality Floors to redo my dining room floors and I am glad I did. They did a magnificent job not just on the installation and design but they were also very professional and affordable.

Brenda, Port Jefferson NY

Shaun and his crew installed new flooring on my entire basement. We love the new floors, the design and the fact that they are easy to clean!

Valerie, Syosset NY

In just 2 days I got my kitchen floors done! Love the new look and color.

Sam, Belle Terre NY

These guys did an amazing job installing and staining the floors. Great inventory and they come to you which is the main reason why I hired them. My Wife and I are really happy with our new living room floors!

Michael, Oyster Bay NY