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Are you searching for a dependable company that will perform professional installation of your hardwood floor at an affordable price?

Search no more! High Quality Flooring is a trustworthy company that has the most comprehensive flooring experience in Suffolk and Nassau County. We have been involved in the flooring business for more than 36 years. Besides being locally-owned and operated, we are also fully insured and licensed. In the last ten years, we have established ourselves as a leading hardwood flooring company in Long Island.

High Quality Flooring takes great pride in providing superior customer service and high-quality workmanship. We have the capacity to complete all types of jobs, from small residential floors to big commercial projects- and we ensure that we treat our customers with utmost care throughout the entire process. We collaborate closely with a wide range of interior designers, local contractors, real estate companies and, naturally, our esteemed homeowners, as we endeavor to offer the best-quality floor services around.

We provide various residential and commercial hardwood flooring services such as:-

Installation of hardwood custom floors

The process of installing a wood floor begins with choosing the floor that is best suited to your design and decorating requirements. High Quality Flooring will help you to select the best types of woods and finishes depending on your lifestyle. Crucial factors like the level of traffic that the floor is likely to withstand will be considered.

We perform:

  • Installation of engineered and pre-finished floors
  • Installation of unfinished floors and finishing (or sanding) them using water or polyurethane-based finishes.
  • Installation and supply of all kinds of wood flooring-from white oak to Brazilian cherry.
  • Installation and supply of wood flooring of different widths. The standard floor has a width of 2.25 inches, but wider floors are available.
  • Installation of floating wood floors. These types of floors do not require to be glued or nailed and may be installed over the majority of existing floors like ceramic, concrete, wood, vinyl or even certain types of indoor and outdoor carpets.
  1. Besides wood floor installation, we also perform wood floor staining. This is done in the sanding stage to change the wood floor coloring.


  • First we sand your wood floor to take off the existing water or polyurethane based finish. Then we use 24, 60 and 80 grit paper in the course of the sanding process.
  • Next, we buff your wood floor in order to smooth it
  • Finally, we apply your chosen color of stain
  • We apply 2 to 3 coats of water-based finish or 3 coats of polyurethane (oil-based), A wide range of colors (dark and light) is used to stain the floors.

2. Refinishing and sanding of pre-existent hardwood floorsRefinishing of wood floors (also called resurfacing) is a process that revitalizes wood floors that have undergone extensive wear and tear.


  • The first step is sanding the wood floors to take out the existing water or polyurethane finishes.
  • Then, we use grit paper of various sizes (24, 60 and 80).
  • Afterwards, we buff your floor using 120 grit screen so as to smooth the floors and ensure the grains are closed.
  • Then we apply 3 coats of water or polyurethane based finish.You can choose between semi gloss, high gloss or satin finishes. Before applying each coat of polyurethane, we make sure that the floors are thoroughly buffed and vacuumed.

You can also get dustless refinishing and floor sandingScreening and recoatingWood floors that have undergone slight wear and tear are restored through screening and recoating:


  • We screen your wood floor to remove the topmost layer of water or polyurethane based finish.
  • Next, we apply a coat of of polyurethane to restore your hardwood floor.

3. Repairs of Hardwood FloorsWe do all kinds of wood floor repairs, including those occasioned by radiator holes, water damage, holes made by forced air heating systems and construction (expansions and general contracting).You can choose between high gloss, semi-gloss or satin finishes .We always conduct a thorough clean up during and after every process .During every stage and process, all non-work areas are sealed using plastic to eliminate the spread of dust.

I hired High Quality Floors to redo my dining room floors and I am glad I did. They did a magnificent job not just on the installation and design but they were also very professional and affordable.

Brenda, Port Jefferson NY

Shaun and his crew installed new flooring on my entire basement. We love the new floors, the design and the fact that they are easy to clean!

Valerie, Syosset NY

In just 2 days I got my kitchen floors done! Love the new look and color.

Sam, Belle Terre NY

These guys did an amazing job installing and staining the floors. Great inventory and they come to you which is the main reason why I hired them. My Wife and I are really happy with our new living room floors!

Michael, Oyster Bay NY