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Welcome To Long Island High Quality Floors

Wood Floor Installation

We have worked tirelessly on perfecting the craft of hardwood floor sanding, installation, refinishing and much more. We treat every customer as family and our goal is to make sure you are happy with your new floors.

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Wood Floor Refinishing

We can finish your floors with your choice of traditional oil based polyurethane; with one of the ultra-low VOC emitting water based finishes such as Polyursal BP from AMF Safecoat; or with a beautiful Tung Oil finish.

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Tile Installation

When you choose High Quality Flooring for your tile project, you can be sure there won’t be any surprises. The great quality of our tile installation has been appreciated by many customers in Suffolk as well as Nassau County.

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I hired High Quality Floors to redo my dining room floors and I am glad I did. They did a magnificent job not just on the installation and design but they were also very professional and affordable.

Brenda, Port Jefferson NY

Shaun and his crew installed new flooring on my entire basement. We love the new floors, the design and the fact that they are easy to clean!

Valerie, Syosset NY

In just 2 days I got my kitchen floors done! Love the new look and color.

Sam, Belle Terre NY

These guys did an amazing job installing and staining the floors. Great inventory and they come to you which is the main reason why I hired them. My Wife and I are really happy with our new living room floors!

Michael, Oyster Bay NY

Floor Installation Services

High Quality Flooring has been installing wooden floors in Suffolk and Nassau NY for more than 20 years. For more info please call 631-872-1175 in Suffolk and 516-655-4491 in Nassau.

Our skilled professional workers have the skills and fine attention to detail needed to do expert hardwood floor installation that is usually scarcely notable when completed.

We always attentively assess every project before starting and will consider with you the methods we think will best install your floor. We aim for your full and total satisfaction and are certain that we will be able to do our job right, on time and on a budget, and at a really affordable cost.

In particular, we are very experienced in:

  • Different types of floor installation
  • Filling dints, nicks and deep scrapes
  • Stain cleansing
  • Replacing strongly damaged straps, even in vintage floors
  • Fixing creaks
  • Dismantling and refinishing
  • Refinishing sun-decolorized areas

We are more than willing to provide any other kind of floor installation or repair, including spot repairs as well. We always give a free quotation and will walk through each job with you before starting any project. We are certain you will find our price list very reasonable and greatly less costly than replacing your whole floor.

Our workers and customer service team are friendly and courteous and will treat you well with respect. Your client satisfaction is very important and we will keep on working till you are happy with our installation works. All our workers are completely insured and certified and will show insurance certificates if needed.

Here you can get perfectly flat floors! Screed made with our technology doesn’t require additional alignment, therefore it is an ideal base for tile, parquet, linoleum, polymer, and cork. This is possible due to the compaction of the mixture by the trowel at the time of lying, which avoids emptiness in the screed.

Wooden Floor Installation

Installation of the floor board is done on a wooden base. This base is called logs. Laying the floor on logs can be carried out both on wet ground, as well as on concrete screeds and ceilings. Laying floors on wooden floors don’t require additional installation of logs. Even if the wooden ceilings are not exactly level, wooden substrates are used. So that the laying of the wooden floor was even.

Installation of the floor is carried out by screwing the screw into the plank of the board. The main thing is to protect logs from moisture that they can pull from the ground. When using this technology, it is necessary to lay a hole in the foundation basement. These holes serve to ventilate the space under the floor coating. Thus, the service of the log and the floor will be much longer. And you will never hear the smell of damp. You can lay logs on a columnar foundation. Throughout the perimeter of the room, columns are filled in the level at a distance of 80 cm from each other.

Should I Entrust Floor Installation to the Professionals?

Most modern floor coverings are designed in a way to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In other words, manufacturers try to make so that the laying of floor coverings could be made even by those who did not do this before. However, the installation of floors is a complex process and the quality of the floor will depend on how well this is done. However, the installation of floors affects how long such a coating will serve its owner. So, this rather laborious process is better to entrust the work to specialists. In this case, you don’t have to worry about that it will be rough or the edges will look out.

Buying expensive and high-quality good, it is worthwhile to understand that if you incorrectly connect locks – you can spoil the material itself. And then, even the most stylish and beautiful floor will look awful.

Find out why so many Rocky Point NY clients recommend High Quality Flooring floor installation and repairs services to their relatives and closest friends.

Give us a call new and within less period of time than you would think your old and battered wooden floor could become the glowing, property-enhancing exponent of your home or business.

High Quality Flooring for beautifully finished floor installation and repair services at a reasonable price.